Who is Responsible for What?

In general, swales are the responsibility of the owner of the property upon which it is located. Driveways, and their associated culverts or bridges, that cross drainage systems (e.g., that cross over swales or streams) are also property owner responsibilities.

who is responsible for what

If you have a question on who is responsible for a swale or culvert please contact the Stormwater Division at or 919-913-2999 and staff will assist you.

 For more detailed information:

Driveway Culvert Maintenance

Swale Maintenance

Town Maintained Drainage Issues

To submit a request for maintenance of a public stormwater conveyance or report an issue within the Town right-of-way please use the Stormwater Service Request Form or the Stormwater Hotline at or 919-913-2999

Private Property Drainage Issues

To request technical advice on a private drainage issue please use the Community Outreach Request Form Form or email the Stormwater Division at or 919-913-2999 before you make any changes to ensure you are meeting all requirements and regulations.

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